ROWEN L'Absolute loudspeakers

The high-end L'ABSOLUTE line of ROWEN stands for perfection in the detail. We did not avoid any cost to bring these speakers to the maximum of musicality by applying a variety of detail improvements. Thus a "state of the art" product was developed to meet highest requirements of the audiophile. The "symphonic feeling" arises directly and moves all your senses.

Quad-Active operation (4-ways active)

The ROWEN Quad-Active technology allows to bypass the passiv crossover in the loudspeaker and to drive the sub-, low-, mid- and high-frequencies directly by four seperate amplifiers. There's a Quad-Active crossover (XO-Q) and four amplifier-channels needed:

ROWEN PA4 4-channel amplifier

ROWEN TWO or ROWEN PA2 amplifiers

ROWEN MONO or ROWEN PA1 amplifiers

ROWEN ONE 2-channel amplifiers