Conclusively thoughtful details, the most efficient circuits and key findings from the Psychoacoustic resulted in a product that sets standards in terms of spontaneity and vitality. We also offer our customers with ROWEN a unique upgrade concept. A large selection of our Speaker can be extended to Bi-, Tri- or Quad-Active. This allows a optimization of the technical and tonal existing speakers without great expense, to any any time.

"The music at the heart" - this statement we take literally in physically as also in listening sense. That's why we pursue the ideal point-source, especially in the crucial middle Frequencies. The exclusive ROWEN Linear-Motion-Transformer (LMT) covers full 5 octaves. These ideal point source permits a extremely coloration free playback. Breathtaking dimensionality and homogeneity with a easy localization of each instrument makes a authentic reproduction possible. There's no crossover distortion and phase problems that could disturb the music playback. The crossover frequency of the smaller ROWEN models is just set to the border of the important listening frequency range to reproduce the vowel frequency-field optimally.

Single-ended Class-A

Negative output impedance

Bi-, Tri-, Quad-Active loudspeakers


Linear Motion Transformer - LMT