ROWEN L'Absolute 1 loudspeaker

The ROWEN L'Absolute 1 is a Full Bipolar speaker with four 8 inch bass drivers with an acoustically optimized housing including special construction and separate bass chambers. The two 4 octaves mid speakers and the improved tweeters with silk calotte guarantee optimal circular radiation characteristic.

With the L'Absolute 1 the belated extension to the ROWEN Quad-Active-technology is possible. The increase of dynamics and detail fidelity delivers musicality and the character of a live performance even more clearly. With an increasing listening experience and the requirements grown accordingly you can let the ROWEN Loudspeakers gradually grow along.


mode of operation:passive, Quad-Active
conception:Full-Bipol, acoustic-suspension
frequencies:20 - 36000 Hz
ways/systems:4 / 8
efficiency:91 dB
impedance:4 Ω
mid range:2×3.8cm
crossover frequencies:100Hz / 750Hz / 12kHz
capacitance:1000 W
dim. (h×w×d):150×30×38 cm
weight:60 kg
executions:, top/base: aluminium

Passive operation:

The LSF-3 passive-crossover allows the usual passive operation of the ROWEN Absolute loudspeakers.

Quad-Active operation:

The XO-Q Quad-Active crossover with three amplifier-channels per loudspeaker allows a full active operation.

Recommended amplifiers for Quad-Active

ROWEN PA4 4-channel amplifier

ROWEN TWO or ROWEN PA2 amplifiers

ROWEN MONO or ROWEN PA1 amplifiers

ROWEN ONE 2-channel amplifiers